Winter Courses 2018/19

Currently I am offering instruction and guiding options throughout the coming 2018/19 winter season.  Below is a brief overview of what is on offer throughout this winter.  You will find essential winter skills, mountaineering skills as well as technical snow, ice and mixed climbing.
I am based in central Scotland to allow the best access to Ben Nevis, Glencoe, Creag Meghaidh, Cairngorms and the North West Highlands to optimise on the best conditions and allow great variety.  If you are interested on a course please call me on 07732111434 or email me at to discuss what will be perfect for you.

Winter skills weekend on Aonach Mor
Winter Skills Weekend - Develop your skills and knowledge towards being self sufficient in the winter mountains.  Over two days you will learn how to 'winter-ise' your summer expertise.  Learn how to use winter equipment competently, safely and enjoyably.  No winter experience is required to learn the basics. (1:6 max ratio)
5 days Winter skills with the Met Police in Glencoe
5 Day Winter Skills course - Take 5 days developing and consolidating your ability and knowledge for being self sufficient in the winter mountains.  Everything you need to know to explore the vast snowy ranges in the UK with confidence and a good regard for safety.  Everything from how to carry your ice axe all the way through to thorough avalanche awareness.  Over 5 days we will visit a variety of locations to suit fitness levels and aspirations. (1:6 max ratio)

Practice make perfect.  Ice axe arresting in the North West Highlands
Snow holing - Fancy spending a night on the mountain in a self built shelter?  This is the course for you!  We can fit this into a 5 day course or just over two days.  We can plan, organise and execute a mini expedition, carrying enough equipment to make the over night stay enjoyable and comfortable.  We have options to link a snow hole up with mountaineering routes as well as reaching some brilliant summits. (1:6 max ratio)

Snow hole on top of the Forcan Ridge, Glen Shiel

Summit of Ben Nevis for the first time
All courses are tailored to what you want.  You can book 1 day or a full week to fit in with your schedule.  This winter is not one to be missed.

3 Day Scottish Winter Mountaineering - This is the progression on from winter walking the the excitement of being self sufficient on tricky climbs of grade 1 or 2.  If you have enjoyed walking on the snow then you will love the progression upwards.  The course will be tailored to your ability and aspirations.  We will be visiting some of Scotland's greatest mountaineering routes, ridges and gullies. (1:4 max ratio)

Wild Winter mountaineering on Ben Nevis
Stellar winter mountaineering on Ben Nevis

5 Day Scottish Winter Mountaineering - Step up from winter walking and expand onto graded ground.  Over the 5 days you will experience several different types of climbs, gathering skills for each different eventuality.  If you have winter hill walking experience and want to start winter climbing then this is the progression for you.  Here we have the time to create a great foundation of understanding of winter mountaineering, we will spend a great deal of time on grade 1 and 2 ground with a possible outcome of grade 3 on the final day.  Your aims and aspirations will help structure the week.  From here, you should expect to feel competent to head to the mountains and climb some grade 1 and 2 routes, opening up a lifetime of enjoyment in the mountains. (1:4 max ratio)
Winter mountaineering in Glencoe

Bluebird day on Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis.
5 days Scottish Winter Climbing - This is perfect for anyone with some winter mountaineering experience under your belt and fancy stepping up onto more challenging routes.  Here, you can learn to competently second harder routes, improve your leading with coaching and advice close at hand.  We would be looking at climbing on grade I to grade III for the week but pushing onto harder routes (grade IV, V and VI) if it suits ability and aspirations. (1:2 max ratio)

Technical mixed climbing on Ben Nevis

Ice climbing on Ben Nevis
Somewhere Special - Scotland has many special mountains and climbs available.  Have you ventured to the Isle of Skye or the North West Highlands in winter.  If not, get in touch and we'll seek out Scotland's hidden gems.  Away from the crowds and make memories that will last you a lifetime.
Liathach Ridge, Torridon
Descending after winter climbing on Ben Nevis
Place to ourselves - The Cuillins, Skye
Private Guiding -  specific route that you dream to walk or climb?  Then book in some private guided winter days out.  From anything between winter hill walking all the way through to technical winter climbing.

Technical mixed climbing on Ben Nevis
Norway Cascade Ice Climbing - If you want to spend a week climbing ice falls with expert instruction and guiding.  This is a perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to really improve their ice climbing technique at some of Norway's premier ice climbing venues. (1:2 Max ratio)
Steep ice in Norway (roadside I might add)
Setting up abseils 
Ice climbing coaching in Norway