Saturday, 9 February 2008

Stag party in the Mamores

Today I was up in the Mamores, walking with a 14 strong stag party. Fortunatly I wasnt alone, Karl, Nina and Davie were also keeping an eye on the guys (and also how much they drank!). It was a nice-ish day, the forcast was rain in the afternoon, but it didnt rain in the end. We walked into the corrie between Am Bodach and Na Gruagaichean and found a suitable area of snow to practice some ice axe arrests. But the guys came up with their own game of 'who can slide the fastest'! As we got up onto the ridge it was quite windy and was quite strong on the summit of Am Bodach. We headed south down the ridge and headed back to The Ice Factor for tea and cakes.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis in winter conditions

Today, Will Bayliss and I scaled one of Scotlands finest routes. Tower Ridge IV/3 **** on Ben Nevis. There were several groups of climbers on the route, some working, some playing, also a team from Ambleside who were breaking trail through the deep snow (cheers lads). This was Wills third winter climb, and one that he will most definately do again. It was a very eventful day, first of all an avalanche swept me off my feet as Will and I were moving together, fortunatly I had placed an exellent peice of gear which held me dangling over a snow slope, fortunatly I wasnt hurt and was able to carry on. There was quite a good amount o fresh snow, hnce the relativly high avalanch risk! It was relativly calm and clear throughout the day after a grotty start in the morning. Another great day of the hill.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Ice Climbing in Norway

Over the last week I have been in Rjukan, Norway, experiencing some rather accessable ice climbing. The climbing out there was great. We made very good use of the days we had, going out in all weather and getting some high quality routes in, Gaustaspokelse WI 4, Bakveien WI 4, Nye Vermorkfoss WI 5, Verdens Ende WI 5, Ozzimosis WI 4 plus many more. There was qute alot of snowfall while we were out there which was a bit of a shame, and as the week went on the temperature fluctuated greatly resulting in some really mild days to some very cold days. I think I would like to head out there again one day but now I want to get stuck into more scottish climbing.