Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis in winter conditions

Today, Will Bayliss and I scaled one of Scotlands finest routes. Tower Ridge IV/3 **** on Ben Nevis. There were several groups of climbers on the route, some working, some playing, also a team from Ambleside who were breaking trail through the deep snow (cheers lads). This was Wills third winter climb, and one that he will most definately do again. It was a very eventful day, first of all an avalanche swept me off my feet as Will and I were moving together, fortunatly I had placed an exellent peice of gear which held me dangling over a snow slope, fortunatly I wasnt hurt and was able to carry on. There was quite a good amount o fresh snow, hnce the relativly high avalanch risk! It was relativly calm and clear throughout the day after a grotty start in the morning. Another great day of the hill.

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