Sunday, 2 March 2008

21/2/2008 Skills at Glencoe

Today (21/2/08) Karl and I took a group of outdoor enthusiasts from an outdoors activity club up into Glencoe ski area to look at snow skills. The day took a while to get going as one member of the party had shrunk his boots on the radiator the previous night! But to make up he did pay for the whole group up the chair lift. We ventured up into the snow slopes and looked at various methods of making belays in the snow, starting with bucket seats, buried axes, snow bollards and had a look at a dead-man. After a small wander and some lunch we looked at using crampons on various different slopes and went for a wee wonder and introduced some step cutting. After this we had a quick look at self-arresting then gained more height for a better view. After heading down we agreed we would all walk down as it was such a nice day.


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tish_tash said...

Looks like you have an interesting life!! It's great that you do what you like, you're so lucky!

Enjoy your life!