Monday, 9 June 2008

3 Peaks - 7/6/08

Today I was working for Snowgoose Mountain Centre, and guided six students and two teachers to the summit of Ben Nevis. They crew had 2 days to complete the challenge so there was no great hurry to walk to the top of the Ben (their first peak). We set off at 4am which is a perfect time to start as it is nice and cool and there aren't quite as many people around. We arrived at the summit at 8am and spent half an hour eating, taking photo's and more eating. We headed down passing hundreds of walkers, arriving back at the car at midday. Considering this challenge was really the groups real first taste of hill walking, they were all very fit and also very capable of completing the challenge. Best of luck for Scafell and Snowdon! Most of the day cloud was present but the sun was gleaming most of the day. It was very hot after around 11am and lots of water got drank throughout the day. Lets hope it lasts!

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