Sunday, 27 July 2008

Social Circle on Ben Nevis - 26/08/08

Today was by far the busiest I have ever seen the summit of Ben Nevis. It was swarmed with happy walkers after the long slog up. I saw many 3 peak challengers, lots of youngsters with struggling parents and also a wedding ceremony was just about to be carried out (groom was waiting on the summit, we passed the bride coming up on our decent). I was leading, with help from Doug, a group of 19 from the Manchester area who have come together via a social connecting company, Social Circle. We made a respectable ascent of 4 hours and we were down within 3 hours with a nice long lunch break on the summit. I spoke to a pair topping out from Tower Ridge who reported it to be very busy with climbers, unfortunately we couldn't even make out Tower Gap from the summit because of all the cloud. The weather has just been fantastic here in Lochaber, lets hope it stays for August.

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