Sunday, 2 November 2008

Ben Cruachan

Today Jamie and I underwent the 2.5 hour walk-in to the crags on Ben Cruachan. On the way in the conditions were not looking tip-top, however we persisted on for a look. As we reached the summit we then went for a closer inspection of Noe Buttress, which had a whole range of good looking routes, very few in condition though. Jamie picked a line which looked the most wintery and up we went. We then traversed into Summit Buttress which looked even more wintery but again most of the line were not in. I picked the most wintery line and we climbed it up to the summit. Not sure what the routes were called as they weren't in the guidebook of the SMC journal 04. Loads of really good short routes here when the conditions are right, if you can manage the walk-in! Cracking weather, looks like the next few days are going to warm up!

Hope its nice in Wales, I have my MIA training next week.


Unknown said...

Hi Guy

We have climbed 3 or 4 routes up on the summit buttress but never bothered to right them up - some really nice climbing though. You soon get use to that walkin though

Unknown said...

....oh, and once you know where the descent is for Noe buttress you can cut across a little early rather than going all the way to the top