Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Newtyle Quarry

Today Donald, Ewan, Tam, Ants, Graham and I headed this unique climbing venue. The aim of the day was to do some dry tooling on as many routes as possible. We started at Door Jam Slab, I climbed Grooviliscious (D4) and Roofiliscious (D5+) to get warmed up, then headed over to Happy Hooker Wall and climbed Happy Hooker (D7) and Va Va Voom (D8). By this time I was totally boxed and could barely hold my Irn Bru up! We all then went into the Tube where Donald and Ewan climbed Fast and the Furious (D10+) which just looked too hard for me in my current state so I left it for another day. Very cold driving back, very icy roads and lots of precipitation around Fort William. Snowing up on the tops! Pictures on the way.


Qualitydj said...

Did you find any of the holds on happy hooker blown?

When i last was on it one of the top hooks was pretty blown out.

And the hold in the groove before the letterbox seemed non exsistant.

It made the route much harder than it used to be I think from memory.

Guy Steven said...

Yeah we didfind that a hold had blown. Donald had climbed the route before and said a crucial hold had gone. We found a can opener off to the left in the crack which gave us enough height to reach the next hold. Big move though!

Mrs Morali-Silver said...

Yeh i tried that! Big move!