Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wet day on Ben Nevis

Today I was leading 35 scouts up Ben Nevis with help from Ben and Lorenzo from the Ice Factor and a Summer ML trainee from Dunoon. It was very wet throughout the morning and the wind was quite steady, a total soaking did make the walking quite tiresome. The group did very well to get to the top as we did feel at one point that we would turn the whole group around due to the severe weather. Later on in the afternoon the weather did clear and we had a pleasant final 40 Min's! I've seen many unprepared walked on that path - Jeans, open toed sandals etc but today it topped them all. One guy was walking up with a map case around his neck with a map for Snowdonia . . . . I wonder if he thought he was on the Miners track?! I hope he got up and down OK. Heading up tomorrow with another 35 scouts!

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