Thursday, 14 January 2010

Number 6 Gully

Fantastic day, great route and great company! I headed out with Graham to do Number 6 Gully on Aonach Dubh today but turned out he was unable to climb, so at the carpark I asked Al 'The Hoff' Halewood and his client if I could jump on the end of their ropes. They were both more than happy to do this and it was great for me as I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. Andy climbed very well and fast which meant we got to the route nice and early but we also topped out quickly and got back to the car before 1pm. The route is in good condition, plenty of fat ice. Some of the ice under the snow is soft but it just sucks in the axes! It was great. Some sections are quite thin but plenty of kicked in foot holds to make the most of. Couple of other teams behind us and a couple of teams up in Stob Coire Nam Beith. Snow falling down to about 300m ish.

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