Thursday, 9 May 2013

Back to the Eiger! Ski touring in Switzerland

The Eiger was our starting point - not the summit but the car park below the North Face.  This was by far the best ski tour of the trip with several 4000m peaks, some quite technical.  Amazing powder to ski down, amazing weather (almost), great company and great food but very very expensive water!  A really fun few days in the mountains!
Looking to the Eiger from Jungfrau

Me, John and Paul on top of |Jungfrau

Our descent.  You can just make out the boys coming down the powder

Living the dream!

Absolutely knackered after our second 4000m peak of the day

On top of our fourth 4000m peak of the tour.  We did the one behind too.

Bad vis on our final descent!

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