Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Drop your plans this weekend, there is something worth attending!

The Festival of Ice is this weekend.  It will be worth a visit.  Ice to suit all tastes.  All forms of ice available.  Ice to climb on and ice for the drinks at the after party.
The event held at The Ice Factor this Saturday will be the home of some of the strongest winter climbers in the country, both above and below the border.  However, don't be put off by the size of their muscles.  There are many mere mortals like myself entering who are there to enjoy the social, the climbing and the impressive falls!  The best thing about this event is that its not just a self profit ordeal.  A large percentage of the takings will be donated to the Climbers Against Cancer charity.  I couldn't not get involved!  Also, don't worry if you haven't pulled on axes before or done any training, there is plenty of climbing for all abilities.  On the Sunday will be some master classes and coaching with Dave MacLeod, one of the best all round climbers in the world.  That's if you can survive the after party.  If there is a good attendance, Kev said he'll do some break dancing at the after party!  Not really worth missing!
Some of the climbers will be as strong as this fella!

Some others, like me, will be as strong as this fella!

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