Saturday, 30 November 2013

Spain 2013

Amazing place to climb.  Chulilla.
Amazing day at Suirana
Beautiful day at Montsant.
Donald loving the Tufas on this 7a
Donald enjoying the climbing at Siurana
Murdoch climbing 7c+ at Chulilla.  I seconded it but fell off before I got to the top.

Murdoch verses 8a!

Donald front and back footing on tufas

A brilliant way to exit the crag.  Hard work after a full days climbing.
Bright lights of Barcelona
Not only did we do a lot of climbing, we also got to know the inside of our wee hire car pretty well.  Donald and I were keen to get to a few different places rather than stay at one place.  Our first port of call was meeting up with Murdoch in Chulilla.  This place is absolutely amazing.  Even to go for a walk through the gorge is pretty breath taking.  Steep techy wall climbing is the style here but we also found some really cool Tufa's to climb.  Next stop was Margalef.  I love this place, it suits my style I think, quite steep but really good pockets.  From here we went to Siurana and finally onto Montsant before heading back to Margalef.  12 days we climbed for with no rest day.  Our final day we couldn't climb any more so went to Barcelona for some Chaos and shopping!  A brilliant holiday.  I'm exhausted but ready for some winter climbing!

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