Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dinnertime Buttress

Alper and Sandra approaching
 Today was day two for Sandra and Alper.  More leading was on the cards for them on Dinnertime Buttress.  Alper led the whole route except for a wee pitch at the top which Sandra had a shot on.  Not bad for her second day winter climbing.  Again the weather was fantastic, cold and clear with a stiff breeze.  Climbers spotted on Raeburns, Scabbard, and Dorsal Arete in SCNL.  This weekend I have been working in the sunshine for West Coast Mountain Guides.
Sandra on her second winter climb getting to grips with half ropes

Alper searching out for more gear

Alper pulling onto easy ground

Sandra about to set off on her first lead

A great place to climb

Sandra enjoying the sharp end

Spot the climbers

Easy descending in all this snow!

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