Friday, 13 June 2014

Something different

Our transport
Usually I spend all my time on dry land however  for the Last two weeks I have tried my sea legs.  We have toured around the west coast of Scotland looking for sea cliff and sea stacks, wild life and island life and meeting some great people on the way, we got some climbing in along the way but we has such a busy itinerary we had to keep pressing on.  From Ballachulish we sailed up to Skye and the surrounding Islands, past Rassay and onto Harris.  From Harris we went to two very remote islands, Sula Sgeir and Rona and onto Orkney.  We were rained off the Old Man of Hoy, got a kreel caught in the propeller so had to get towed in by the coastguard (see the pic below).  After some repairs, we then went up to Shetland Island, Over the North Sea to Floro in Norway and finally down to Began via some fantastic Fjords with hugh granite walls.  Lots to talk about but I will let the photos do the talking.
Our navigation system

John plotting the course, Angus making brews

Under the Skye bridge

Rassay or Rona...cant quite remember

Climbing on Harris

John bridging on Harris

Yet more crags

The brewing storm never caught us

Amazing cliff on Rona (near to Sula Sgeir)

The Old Man of Hoy

The bad climbing conditions, the kreel and our tow

Oil rig in the North Sea

Nice wee house in Norway

Lots of big boats

Somewhere in Norway

I caught all of this! Yum

A floating bridge

Boats...cable layers for the North sea.

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