Thursday, 2 July 2015

Glen Nevis midge and rain avoidance

To be honest, it felt like we were fighting a loosing battle today. However persistence and optimism paid off. Andy fancied a day out rock climbing as he has had little mileage since winter. Looking at the forecast, there was a reasonable chance it would work out on the West Coast. We started off on Secretaries (S) and the Super Direct (HVS) before heading back down to Storm. Storm turned out to be too midgie as the wind stopped so we headed up the gorge to find a breeze. Standing below Plague of Blazes it started to rain so we nipped round to All Our Yesterdays to find shelter from the rain...turned out to be sheltered from the wind...super midge! So loosing the battle we headed back down the Glen and to our delight things started to clear and become breezy. I suggested we travel light and we climbed Pinnacle Ridge (S), Andy led Resurrection (VS), I led Damnation (VS) then we finished our day on Storm (HVS) with Andy leading the middle pitch. A brilliant effort, the crux pitch was just a wee bit pumpy for Andy but made it up after a quick rest. A brilliant day, 6 routes, several midge bites, one tick and lots of laughs. A great day at work. Great to see some others out climbing. Andy H and Dave A on Scimitar Ridge and several Outward Bound teams dotted about.

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