Monday, 10 August 2015

Bit of rock and running

Donald cruising up 'The One and Only'
Since I have been back from Lewis and Harris, I have barely been able to get out climbing with work commitments and the weather, the Scottish summer goes on!  I managed to sneak a day (or half day) at Brin Rock with Dan and Donald for some pumpy sport climbing.  We started off with the 7a called The One and Only, a great on-sight by Donald and I followed him up it as I had done it before.  Dan had a go working the moves then smashed it on his second go.  Team send!  We then went onto the brilliant Pink Wall (7b).  After I put the clips in, Donald and Dan had a go working the moves before I had a shot at doing it clean but lobbed off whilst rubbing my nose on the chains, pumped and unable to let go and clip!  Unfortunately my second go was stopped as the rain came in and soaked the crag...we ran as fast as our little legs would carry us as we knew this was settling in.

Still plenty of snow on Ben Nevis
As the poor weather continued, I have been doing a spot of running, something I don't do much of.  Recently I have really enjoyed it so if this weather continues then you might see me running up to the CIC hut or around Cowhill (nothing too ambitious just yet).

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