Saturday, 18 November 2017

Winter is near...go sport climbing

A crag with a view to Telendos

Over the last 11 seasons of winter climbing I realise that it is far more enjoyable after a good trip sport climbing or even rock climbing to round off the summer season.  As I spend most of the season trad climbing, I find it quite enjoyable to go sport climbing, fall off lots of routes and hopefully get up something harder than previous years (it happened this year!).

Most days ended like this
Lou and I blasted off for a wee while to soak up the sun then hide in the shade when it was too hot.  We decided early on to go for 2 days on and one day off giving us time to try hard and time to relax and enjoy the islands we were visiting.
Busy traffic on the water

Im sure most of you will recognise where we were climbing, if not, i'll give you a clue.  Somewhere in Europe and it wasnt the UK.  So I'll not bore you with lots of words but here are some pictures.
The storm ame on our rest day.  So we went plastic bottle collecting
Bagged the local hill
Busy day at Telendos
Lou diving in to protect our lunch
Lou's first go...scariest part of the trip for me!  She bossed it!
Lou cruising another 3 star route.  Just her style...techy wall climbing
1st crag, first day, a 40m route and we then had to deal with a head injury from a fallen climbing.  Glad I did my first aid a week ago!
Climbing is full of bum shots

Snatching another route before the sun causes problems

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