Wednesday, 27 May 2009

North Buttress

Today I had two clients, who have never been scrambling in Scotland and only just got their 1st Munro 2 days ago. As they had done a small amount of hill walking/scrambing in the Lakes (and only when it was dry) I decided North Buttress would be a good choice. It turns out that it was the perfect level for them as it really pushed their ability and drew them very close to the limit of their comfort zone. A great day for them as they never go out when its raining. The forcasts were accurate with it being mostly wet throughout the day but then cleared up later in the afternoon. Jamie B was also on North Buttress and we bumped into Mike who had just ascended Agag's Groove.

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Mart&Mand said...

Thanks for a great day out. Your comments were spot on we were certainly taken out of our comfort zone but remained confident consequently we will try to get out more in the wet.
Mart & Mand (fine weather hikers - as was)