Thursday, 10 December 2009


I am currently based in the Lakes for a couple of weeks before I go on holiday to Morocco. Today I had the morning free so I headed up Blencathra, a hill I haven't been up for about 8 years! I headed up via Sharp edge which was like verglass underfoot with the combination of polish and dampness. One team backed of as I slid past them like Bambi on ice! I always seem to slip when someone is watching! From the top of this grade 1 scramble I walked onto the summit passing some small patches of snow on some east facing recesses. From the summit I headed SE down Hallsfell Ridge, another interesting grade 1 scramble but also very slippy. Passed a couple of teams coming up and going down. Very warm day with little wind and cloud patches were covering the tops. I think a session down at the wall is in order tonight.

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