Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Today Kenny and I headed out to the Cairngorms early doors to meet up with Andy. The forecast was meant to be quite cold but we recorded temps of 4oc at the car park and only 1oc on the top of the route. It was raining at the car park but we still headed into Coire an T-sneachda. As the weather was pretty miserable we headed up to the Mess of Pottage and quickly climbed The Message (IV,6). Kenny shot up the 1st pitch, 1 shot up the second and Andy shot up the third. We got up the route super quick and the headed back to the cars, back down for 1pm. Despite it being quite warm the route was pretty firm, soft and damp in a couple of places but not worth writing home about! If we have a cold night it would be ace tomorrow.

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