Thursday, 22 September 2011


After a nice relaxed start Dan and I headed out to Upper Tier of Gogarth, armed with fizzy drinks and junk food. Our first port of call was UFO (E2 5b/c). I strung the first two pitches together which make a much nicer pitch and a comfortable belay, Dan went on and finished the last pitch. After this we nipped back down and Dan led up the Strand (E2 5c), a route he's had his eye on for a while. I had never done it either and it was such a great line. After abbing off we strolled over to Strike (E4 6a). I led up to the abseil tat, just before arriving I took a lob. I learnt that Blair's beta was right, 'don't try and pull into the niche'. Unfortunately I did try and got spat off. I got back on then finished it off. A great day but a little bit chilly. The rock was perfect!

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