Thursday, 29 September 2011

Suicide Wall

Currently having a super dry spell!! An Indian summer! Will and I headed up to Ogwen's Suicide Wall, a crag which is rarely dry. I've walked past the routes here many times and its great to finally get on them. I started on Suicide Wall Route 1 (e2 5c), which was brilliant, gear was spaced but adequate...(just). After abbing off Will led up Suicide Wall Route 2 (E2 5b) which was great also but did feel bolder that Route 1. A quick walk down and I then led up Capital Punishment (E3 5c) which is awesome. The climbing is steady but pretty sustained and the gear is space but again adequate. After another abb off, Will tried Penal Servitude (E4 5c) but couldn't find a way through so we just headed down and finished off on Homicide Wall (E3 5c). Another fantastic line despite being a little dirty.


Alan said...

Is this a good time to mention how much I'm sick of my mates posting about the weather down south?
Its been the worst summer since I moved to Lochaber 8 years ago. What little rock I have climbed has been damned cold. I've had 1 day where I felt hot.... in a whole summer!
On the other hane I can now climb wet VS in big boots :-(.
Al ;-)

Guy Steven said...

Sorry Al, doesnt look like I'll be posting much rock climbing for the next few week. Maybe lots of camping in the ming though!! I heard its been pretty bad up there! But the VS climbing in big boots is going to do wonders for your winter climbing!! Well put it to the test soon!! Been using your wall much?