Saturday, 18 February 2012

Twisting Gully and lots of snow

Well what a fantastic day out with Ollie and Paul! We had it all, snow, wind, more snow and more wind! A nice patch of blue sky hovered over Stob Coire nan Lochain as we arrived at the Lochains. A perfect picture moment but unfortunatly my camera didnt find its way into my bag! Today I was working for the Ice Factor and took the guys up Twisting Gully with a harder variation at the top. The guys just wanted to be guided up but I drip fed useful tips to them all day which meant we had an efficient ascent and were back to the bags in good time. With strong winds and snow being blown around it wasnt the place to be hanging around so we packed up and headed down. There was a cool bunch of guys from Italy who were loving the great Scottish winter conditons, ear to ear smiles from everyone! A great day. Kenny took his team up Dorsal Arete. Couldnt see what anyone else was on.

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