Sunday, 2 June 2013

Holiday climbing on the French Riviera

One day!
So our destination was chosen after 4 days of dodging showers and heavy rain.  We checked out Gorges de Loup, Avon Gorge, and eventually Monaco.  We stayed just outside Monaco for the last week or so as there was some great climbing, beaches and an amazing bivi spot for the van.  We climbed pretty much every day but also had a look around Monaco to see if we could chip together and buy a yacht.  Turns out we couldn't even afford a mooring rope at this luxurious venue.  On arrival at Monaco, we found that the F1 was on at the weekend, so we stayed to watch that!

Mike loving the 9 pitch 6c

Best view of the F1

Crag with a view

Sweet 7a (we think - it wasn't covered in our guide.)

A view of the track from the crag

Porche super cars

Topping out on the multi-pitch route at St Jeanette

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