Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Vagrant

Kenny leading the first pitch
Kenny on the second
It was one of those day's.  The one where you look for excuses to not go but there just isn't any justifiable ones.  Kenny and I embarked on a journey in to the Northern Corries to brave strong winds, a blasting from wind blown snow but ultimately to feed my rat.  this time last year I had done 17 winter routes, including a single day winter Cuillin Ridge traverse.  Today was my second.  To say I have been a little bored would be an understatement.  Work has been cancelled and the mountains have looked bleak.  But today was brilliant.  Kenny and I climbed The Vagrant (VII 7) in Coire an Lochain.  Conditions were brilliant, the crags from Number 2 buttress to Number 4 buttress were all in good nick as they received a good blasting.  Snow cover on the ground was thin as its all been blown away so the walk in and out was very easy.  Sometimes despite the horrible forecast it is always worth persisting...this time we were rewarded!  The next few days look to be a thaw and freeze cycle...which means the could be some more rat feeding to come!

2nd pitch was well cool!

Kenny on the 3rd pitch...brilliant pitch

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