Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A very quick hit to the Alps

Our first night in the Alps
Not a terrible place to be holidaying
I haven't had many trips to the Alps but when I have they have generally been very fulfilling and crammed with steep cliffs, granite spires, icy couloirs and plenty of snow.  Usually my 10 day's/2 weeks are crammed with maximum hill time, some say not much of a holiday as I usually come home a little tired.
The brutal skin, beautiful though.
Chopper bringing in the grub, I love a good chopper performance!
I stood on top of na nan na naaa!
Crab crawling, much fun!

This past trip involved most thing I enjoy in the alps however my vision did not flourish.  The success to my previous trips has been down to many factors, some which I didn't account for on this trip.

Shuffle and slide
However, I had a great little ski tour with Lou on the Verbier high level tour with some great summits and nice ski descents.  I probably experienced some of the warmest skinning I have ever endured... definitely didn't have enough water on one particular day.

After a wee ski tour it was North Face time.  Lou and I met up with Kenny, Chadders and Miles and we set off from our bivi at 2am in the morning with the intention of climbing the North Face of the Charmoz.  A fine looking face that doesn't come into condition all the time. Let's just say I have unfinished business up there.
North Face of the Charmoz
Mmm rock climbing in the sun

Feeling a little deflated I spent the next 3 days cragging in the sun, partying with friends then making the journey back to the UK to spend some unexpected quality time with my family.  Scotland tomorrow and I have a good chunk of time off still before I start work so I'm heading up to the Elphin hut for 4 days rock climbing and catching up with some friends.

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