Sunday, 27 April 2014

Loch Maree Crag

Blair on Arial
Today was my final day up in the North West and it was another stunning day.  Murdoch and I went to Loch Maree Crag and met Ian and Blair who had camped on the beach, quite an amazing setting.  Jarldom Reach (E5 6b), Arial (E3 5c), Spirit Air (E5 6a) were all climbed today (not by me though) as well as Ian doing a new route after Murdoch and I had left...sounded hard anyway!  A super crag with some steep lines.  Unfortunately having developed a pretty nasty cold over the last few days, sitting in a shady damp heap of heather wasn't doing me any good so Murdoch and I spent the afternoon chilling in the sun drinking orange juice for some vitamin C and soaking up the sun for some vitamin D.

Scotland at it's best

Murdoch cruising another E5/6 6a

Murdoch and Blair

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