Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beinn Eighe

Mountain cragging doesnt get much better than this
After a good few days of enjoying the sunshine on my mountain bike and soloing in Glen Nevis and on Ben Nevis, I teamed up with Murdoch again and headed up to Torridon as he had his eye on an E7.  Not any E7, but one that hasn't had a second ascent and the technical grade is British 6c (F7c). well out of my league but I'm always up for an adventure and there were loads of route's I want to do on that cliff.  So we got a route in each so it was a good day. Murdoch made a great attempt on The Fascist Groove Thang (E7 6c) but unfortunately powered out at the crux.  After a rest and working out the moves he made it up to the belay.  This did not boded well for my attempt.  However I climbed as quickly as I could before getting very sore arms.  I didn't climb the crux clean but fortunately there was a good bit of gear for me to pull on to get to the jug.  The highlight for me was climbing the uber classic Angel Face (E2 5c) which felt quite sporting after trying to climb E7 but got dispatched well. I have climbed a few times on Beinn Eighe, both summer and winter, both hard and easy and it is a magical place, a venue that should be on everyone's list.

Murdoch arranging a high runner before traversing out right

Murdoch climbing the super exposed traverse

Iain and Blair on Sunscreen

Perfect weather

Murdoch working out the crux

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