Thursday, 17 July 2014


Guy (not me) on Army Dreamers
After many year's I finally made it down to Pembroke.  Despite living in North Wales for a wee while, I never made the two hour journey down.  So instead I made the 10 hour journey down from Fort William.  Fortunately I was able to break it up with 4 days in the lake district en route.

Guy (not me) on an E2 to the right on the Butcher
The climbing was excellent at Pembroke.  We visited different crag every day - St Govans, Mothers Carey and St Davids.  Our final day we were rained off.  Over our 3 days climbing we climbed around 20 routes, all of which were 2 star, 3 star or Pembroke's top 50 routes.
Donald making shapes in St Govans

When at Mother's Carey's, we were caught out by a bit of rain so we did this awesome HVS which was essentially caving and climbing through a huge cavern and doing some very pecarious front and back footing through a large slot.

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