Sunday, 15 March 2015

Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team

It's great to come back to the UK and be met by a weekend of sunshine, I had been really looking forward to getting involved in the hills again.  This weekend I have been working with Di Gilbert, Heather Morning and Ken Applegate with Aberdeen MRT.   We had two days to play with, beautiful weather and a list of topics the team wanted to cover in their training.  The first day was taken up with some full on nav in beautiful weather.  And yes I did want to be ice climbing on Ben Nevis, but it was nice to be wondering around some unfamiliar ground in the southern Cairngorms.  We saw 2 golden eagles, 2 Peregrine Falcons, Hare's, frog spawn, ravens and a buzzard.

The second day the groups broke down and Di and I took a team to the Pass of Ballater, a rock climbing crag to look at improvised rescue.  The day was more focused on personal climbing rather then big rescues which was great fun and I had to work hard to remember everything as Di and I still had our winter heads on.  Fortunately, our memories are good and we had a great day covering everything from tieing off a belay plate all the way through to rescuing a lead climber on a traverse.  Unfortunately no pics today but it was a stunning weekend.

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