Thursday, 19 March 2015

Good Friday Climb

Alan with Tower Scoop behind

Alan heading up Observatory Gully
Alan loves a belay
The first and last time I climbed this route was back in 2012 when I was being assessed for my MIC.  Alot has changed in the past few years but Good Friday Climb has stayed the same as a brilliant route.  As we left the car we knew it is a looong walk but to finish a route on the summit is worth it.  I was back out with Alan who has been very eager to get out this winter and finally he was able to unleash.  Before we left the car I did something I have wanted to do for quite a while.  I emptied Alan's rucksack and re-packed it with the essentials.  I far too many spare shoe laces, a book called hill walkers survival guide, too much water, too much clothing, several first aid kits and all sort of unnecessary equipment.  We ditched it.  Alan was reluctant to leave it behind but after 1 hour of walking I think he warmed to the idea.  Good Friday Climb (III) was in great condition and lived up to its 'Cold Climbs' classic status.  We saw several teams enjoying Orion Direct, Zero, Minus 2, Point, Smiths and Ledge Route.  A great day despite a wee bit of cloud.
All the walking was worth it
Still got it at 68!

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