Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ben Nevis...Still winter!

David, never worn crampons
Spot the ice!
Ready for action
Today I was out with David and he was keen for Ben Nevis via the 'hard way'!  His original was a lovely summer scramble, instead he had his first ever day in crampons and his first ever day of winter mountaineering.  He got a great winter experience today, all the hazards were on show today, we saw several avalanches going off around us, total white out across the plateau, large cornices that we couldn't see, cold winds and no views from the top.  Felt like mid winter.  One other team headed up Number 4 Gully, both hard work and a bit scary with all the sluffs coming down around them.
We had to put crampons on below number 5 gully and barely touched exposed rock all the way up.  The snow is very saturated and quite deep in places so progress was tough going.  Ice still holding in up high, I'd say there could be some winter routes climbed this weekend for sure.  Not me though, I want some sunshine.

No easy day here

Ben Nevis the hard way

Into the cloud

White room...with some rock

To the top

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