Monday, 29 October 2007

Summer Mountain Leader Assesment

Well, what an eventful week the assessment was. I did pass all areas of the criteria and the hardest part of the assessment were the few hours waiting for the results! There were 8 hopefuls on the course, with a respectable 5 passes and 3 deferrals, 2 on security on steep ground and 1 on navigation. I feel I was well prepared for the course, however most of the guys there, were just about twice my age and have spent alot of their time in the hills walking and studying the flora and fauna which was my only weak area. I've been using a map and a compass for many years and been in very poor weather condition, so I dealt with the navigation very well especially as we had cracking weather, even the night navigation wasn't too challenging. Being a climber, my rope work and knots on the 'security on steep ground' day was solid and the assessors didn't have any issues with me.

The course was very inspiring for me and also I learnt a whole load of new skills. It was tough, but if you are going for assessment make sure you are prepared and fairly confident. Try and remember the things you did right, instead of stressing about the things you did wrong and enjoy it. It exactly what I did.

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