Monday, 16 January 2012

Little Brenva Face

These winter climbing days just seem to be getting better and better! Today Kenny suggested that we go and have a look over on Ben Nevis's Little Brenva face and it was fantastic. So without getting a too early start, Al, Kenny and I shot up. On arrival to the crag we were armed with all the right equipment and sweets, the only thing we didn't have was a guidebook. This wasn't a problem as visibility was great. We sought out the best ice and a line of reasonable resistance finding a nice route with good climbing pushing close to grade 5. It was another fantastic day climbing in the sun, the ice was brilliant, in some places too hard for my blunt crampons but amazing fun. We topped out just before 1pm and went for a wander around and down number 3 Gully. Lots of teams out on various ice routes, heaps to go for at the moment!

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