Friday, 13 January 2012

Tower Ridge

A great day to be out today, the best of the season so far for me! Blue skies, good ice, hard neve, great company and a top quality route. Couldn't ask for much more! Today I was working on Tower Ridge with Kenny. We took out Andy, Paul and Callum, all of whom had quite varied abilities. On arrival to Tower Gap Kenny and Andy abseiled down and shot over and climbed Indicator Wall whilst Paul, Callum and I carried up to the top for some fantastic views. It was busy today with many roues getting done Good Friday Climb, Indicator Wall, Smiths, Tower Scoop, Two Step (Luke said it was quite thin in places), Comb Gully, White Line, Green Gully and I'm sure there were lots more. Another great day with great conditions tomorrow. Hello weekend warriors!

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