Friday, 23 March 2012

Spartan Slab

Today Izzi was keen for more mountain cragging so we took a gamble and headed down into Glen Etive to the mighty slabs. On approach there were several wet streaks running down the cliff but on arrival it was clear that Spartan Slab (VS) was dry. So we headed off with me leading the first, Izzi took the second and I took the crux. Didn't even draw blood this time! I led off on the next but unfortunately we got hit by a rain shower which turned the slabs into glass. After a wee break getting wet we decided that we would just bail off while we could. If we had hung around on our ledge for an hour we might have been able to carry on after if had dries off. Still plenty of substantial wet streaks on the crag and for other route I think it could do with a few more dry days.

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