Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ben Nevis Night Ascent

So at 00.00 hours this morning I set of with two keen Essex blokes who were aiming to complete the 3 peaks challenge in 24 hours. They had originally planned to do this without a guide but as the weather was poor and there was still quite alot of snow up there, they decided against it, which was a good idea. Visibility became very poor just below the Red Burn and it was very moist in the air. We summited after 4 hours and descended in 2 hours and 40 mins, giving the guys a good challenge to complete in time. On arrival to the summit shelter we found quite a large amount of rubbish in the shelter. I carried a 4 man tent down which had been destroyed and left up there. If you are up on the summit, bring something down with you because the dustbin men don't go up there! Do your bit before it encourages other to leave more rubbish up there.
This morning I was working for West Coast Mountain Guides. This afternoon I was sleeping.

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