Saturday, 7 July 2012

Inn Pinn today, Alps on Monday

Today was my final day at work before I had out to the Alps for 3 weeks.  What a way to finish a great summer season by doing the Inn Pinn in super high winds and very cloudy conditions.  Malc and I had a group of 6 to take up the Pinn who wanted to climb it as a birthday treat.  We were meant to be a group of 8 but the high winds destroyed some tents which resulted in some of the group not getting much sleep.  We battled up high and the wind eased just enough for us to make a few ascents.  Everyone went up the East ridges and then we got a couple up the short side as we had plenty of time to spare.  A great day finished of with some good scree running to get back down.  So I'm of to the Alps for 3 weeks and I don't intend in going on a computer other than to check the weather and answer emails.  Hope the weather is as good out in the Alps as it has been here in Scotland!

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