Monday, 16 July 2012

Nadelgrat Traverse

What a brilliant day we had on this.  So yesterday we walked up to the Mischabel SAC Hut and had a good relaxing evening, even went for a wee wonder up the hill to see where we were going in the morning.  We set off at 3am this morning and headed over the Windjoch and onto Ulrichshorn (3925m), then climbed up the Dirrujoch Coilour which was horrendous as it wasn't complete and the snow was very poor.  We escaped onto the rocks on the right but still wasn't fun as it was super loose and slabby.  We then went on and summited Hobaryhorn (4219m), Stecknadelhn (4241m) and finally Nadelhorn (4327m) to complete one of the classic ridge traverses in the Alps, the Nadelgrat (AD-).  A great day out!

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