Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Inn Pinn onwards

The could just cleared after I got the second team up
The siege continues today and the team and I headed for the Inn Pinn.  We were the first team there and got on right away.  Unfortunately for Andy and Ian, they went up first and we were surrounded by cloud.  Views were obscured as was the exposure.  As Ian is a professional photographer there were plenty of shots being taken, plenty of good results too, check them out!  Nothing my amateur camera could produce!  After I took the rest of the team up the Pinn we headed for Sgurr Mhiccoinnich.  After some scorching hot scrambling we arrived at the summit to be asked by a chap 'Are you Mountain Rescue?'  Unfortunately we weren't but we did have two doctors in the team.  A chap had fallen off whilst scrambling but was not in an easy place for me to get to with the team.  Fortunately the Mountain rescue were on the scene very quickly and the chap was winched away to safety.  I hope he is ok.  Very impressive flying, as always, by the helicopter team!
The cloud dropped

So nice to have these slabs dry

Andy focused as the chopper comes in

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