Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Skye Ridge Traverse

No view on our fisrt peak

Best view of the 2 days

After an absence of ridge traverses, today I was back up there. We made another successful two day traverse. Unfortunately the weather was less than optimal. Visibility on the tops was down between 10m-50m, sometimes more, but mostly less. The first day was damp and dank, meaning a bypass on the TD Gap and Kings chimney. The Inn Pinn went fine. We bivied near Sgurr a Ghreadaidh after a full day of moving steadily through the mist and moisture. We were blessed with a peaceful and dry night but woke to mist and the threat of rain. After 10 minutes if setting off it rained...and it did so all day. The rock was slimy, simple sections became icy ponds, slabs became death traps. Our eyes were on stalks and our concentration levels became almost tiring. We pressed on, slowly and surely, the thought of bailing was ever present but I kept it locked down. Safety was my main concern, Andy and Pete were still smiling and happy to make progress. We pressed on. The intensity of the rain increased and decreased throughout the day, boots were full of water, gloves were soaked and the rope doubled its weight with the water. Our finishing point was the Sligahan where we were greeted with a round of applause, a round of beer and a round of whiskey. It was worth it! Not one view from any of the summits. The magic of the Cuillin was hidden from us this time. I don't need to put too many photos up because it was just grey!

Evening clearing

Home sweet home

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