Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year on the snow

Making a mess in the fresh snow
 So, another year gone, another year wiser...some say anyway.  After a pretty extensive party last night I managed to slip away in the morning to meet up with Blair armed with my skis, shovel, probe and hangover.  Blair was working today, he's the one of the forecasters for Scottish Avalanche Information Service, he was on top form, so much so I was left in his wake as he slid away uphill to find a suitable area for his observations.  It was great too recap my knowledge of snow and avalanche awareness and who better than going out with Blair (aka Dr Snow).  After we gathered all the observations were noted we slid through the whiteout, gliding on some fresh powder but also plenty of wind packed snow, passing many others who were Skiing at Glencoe on New Year's Day.  I hope 2014 bring you all everything you hope for!
Good weather for taking notes

Blair doing what he does best...digging in snow

Really obvious layers in the snow pack located by wooden sticks

Happy New Year...All the best for 2014!

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