Thursday, 9 January 2014

Strong Genes

Charlie quickly learning what winter climbing is all about
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Today I was out with my cousin Charlie in the Northern Corries of the Cairngorms.  A good day for us, it was Charlie's first time wearing crampons and doing any sort of winter climbing.  Charlie being a very experienced skier, he was used to being on snow and was happy moving around with spikes on.  We started off on Hidden Chimney (III) on Mess of Pottage which we shared with a few others from the university club I was working with last week.  After topping out, we scooted down and climbed Hidden Chimney Direct (IV,5 but was grade III today).  With the intention off abseiling/down climbing off after the first pitch, we decided against it and pressed on.  Conditions were generally good, plenty of soft snow required a wee bit of digging and scraping for gear if you wanted it.


Despite being younger, Charlie has a better beard growing ability

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