Wednesday, 15 January 2014

It was the Inaccessible Pinnicle

Not sunny today
So today wasn't quite a nice as yesterday....  It rained, it was windy, it was was Skye after all!  Chris and I made the most of it non the less.  We were hoping for snow on the very tops so we headed up to the Inaccessible Pinnacle with our soggy fingers crossed.  Unfortunately the rain didn't turn to snow as we topped out on Sgurr Dearg.  As we caught a glimpse of the striking plug of rock, however our eyes were lashed shut by the horizontal rain and driving winds.  It didn't require me to make the call that we weren't going to climb the In Pinn today. "You'd have to be a bloody idiot to climb that in this weather!" Chris screams over the howling gale.  All I could do is agree.  We knew our only sensible option was to descend back into Coire na Banachdaich and swim back to the car.  A good stretch of the legs and glad we braved the elements.

Getting protection from the wind

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