Sunday, 11 January 2015

Great Chimney

Blair enjoying the finest Scottish conditions
These storms seem to be taking over the Scottish mountains like a cold virus in an old people's home.  If we didn't go out in the foul weather we wouldn't get any climbing done.  Last week my client and I braved some wild weather and today I had a day off so I thought I should practice what I preach.  Swail and Blair were both up for a day out climbing and we all agreed we would do something easy and seek out as much shelter as possible.  The Great Chimney (IV,5) fitted the criteria well.  With its East aspect we thought we would get some shelter from the strong Westerlies.
Blair's attempt to be a snowman
With only two pitches available, a quick game of rock, paper, scissors set Swail up with the first entry pitch and myself with the main pitch.  We all climbed with some fantastic spindrift avalanches coming down on our heads.  There were times when we couldn't see or breath due to the amounts of snow in our faces.  The forecast was grim and the reality was just the same.  As we are approaching mid January I have realised I have only climbed 4 routes on my days off (including today) which isn't very many so I have been building up the psyche to get out in poor weather.  Easier said then done.  With storms looking to continue into the second half of January I might well have more days like today.

Swaily emerging over the chockstone
Heading down Tower Ridge
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