Monday, 5 January 2015

Tower Ridge

Look ice!
And snow!
Hardrians and Point 5 looking sad! :(
Back to work today and quite a difference from yesterdays conditions.  I am out with Nick for the next 5 days so he can enjoy the delights of Scottish winter climbing.  This weeks weather is going to provide some obstacles.  Today however went with no hassle.  We shared a great day on Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis.  Ascending the ridge was quite delightful.  The old thawing snow was becoming compact and the old ice was becoming soft.  Great for an efficient ascent.  The wind was blowing over the top from the south so we didn't feel a breath until we pulled onto the summit plateau.  Perfect day.  OK, it was above freezing on the summit, so it wasn't amazing winter conditions but it was still great climbing, crampons all the way, rock, ice, snow, no rain, no wind and no sweat!  Cold tomorrow!
Nick on the Eastern Traverse
Summit team!

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