Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Two routes in Glencoe

Right, we were having it today.  Cold spell forecast today.  Horrendous tomorrow.  We nipped up to Stob Coire Nan Lochain in Glencoe to see what we could climb.  Oh, who made the path up even longer this year!?  We arrived at the coire to find we had the place to ourselves so we geared up and headed for plan B.  (plan A looked far less wintery).
2nd pitch on Twisting

Nice view from the office
Twisting Gully (III,4) provided 4 great pitches of mixed and icy climbing with some wet snow thrown in for good measure.  The belays are great on this route, nice stances and brilliant views.  It was a little thin in terms of consolidated snow but the damp snow provided enough purchase.  We topped out to find that it was only 12.15.  So I suggested we nip down Broard Gully (I) and climbed the classic Dorsal Arete (II).  I love this route, as I'm sure so many other do.
Nick on Doersal
We found two teams on the ridge who were enjoying this short weather window.  We topped out for the second time and made our way to the bag and skipped back down to the car.  We cashed in on today's weather as tomorrow looks like an indoor day at the Ice Factor!  I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake, I will not eat cake, I will eat cake, I eat cake.....
Nick on the Arete

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