Friday, 20 February 2015

Ledge Route

The extent of our views
 Today was my final day with Sam, Katya and Aide and to finish the week we had full winter conditions.  It was snowing all day and very heavily so a ridge was a must and we quickly moved out of any gullies.  We climbed ledge route with Sam and Katya sharing all the leading and we ascended via some off the beaten tricky steps to add interest for the guys.  Up on the top was pretty much a white out so Sam, who is gathering days for him Winter Mountain Leader Award took the map and compass and did 3 brilliant navigation legs to get us into the Red Burn for our descent.  We didnt see much all day but it certainly was freezing so all the ice routes will be building nicely.   Teams climbed Vanishing Gully, Kenny climbed the Curtain, Mike climbed Tower Ridge, Simon bailed off Route 2...too much snow!  Looks like much more snow is on its way, too much for the mountain to hold so there will be avalanches in places. Check SAIS whilst you are planning at home.

Sam battling through the conditions

Team red on the summit

Sam leading us down in a white out
Im going to Norway now for a week so I will post when I am back.  I may update my work facebook page HERE whilst away.

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