Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Vanishing Gully

Vanishing Gully

John happy to be up a grade 5 on his second day out this winter

Today I was back out with John and we headed into Ben Nevis to see what routes didn't have too much traffic on.  John did fancy the Curtain but as we spotted multiple team on the route and queuing for the route then we opted for Vanishing Gully (V,5) instead.  We only did the 2 pitches and abseiled off the side and headed down.  A nice easy day to rest the legs for a potentially longer day tomorrow.  Conditions are looking great on Ben Nevis.  Teams on Point 5, Zero, Hadrians, Gemini, Shield Direct, Curtain, Italian right-hand (I think), Tower Ridge, Ledge Route and Harrison's Climb Direct.
Cave belay!

Tim and Twid on the Shield Direct

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